Presented by: Alan Scott Craig
(Pioneer of a new art form... the Art of Boomerang!)

BOOMERANGS ARE COMING BACK! is a one hour motivational and educational program that discusses the history, science, and art of boomerangs. The topic covers many of the California Test objectives and promotes a fun scientific spin on boomerangs. What goes around, comes around... just like a boomerang. See this outstanding performance that will surely have the audience inspired to throw their hearts into it.


  • Smithsonian Air & Space Collection

  • NASA 2003 Technology Transfer Center

  • Highlights magazine

  • TV and print

  • The movie “Bagdad Cafe”

  • Award winning boomerang designer


  • Science educator for T.O. Discovery Center

  • Public and Private Schools

  • Clubs and Organizations

  • Boy Scouts and Camps

  • Church youth groups

“Failure isn't failure, it's the nessesary information needed to win or succeed.” Alan is the best boomerang designer in the world because he has made more mistakes than anybody. Learn how Alan took what he loved to do and made it his living – following the American dream! He overcame great obstacles with positive thinking, believing in himself, humor and a clear goal.

"You are not good enough" and "Mean joking is not bullying" another perspective on bullying. Also hear the myths as written in history of the boomerang dispelled – and the truth told. Understand what makes a boomerang return and hear about the science behind the world’s most complex flying toy.

Watch as Alan demonstrate several unique and artistic styles of boomerangs including the Roomerang, Backyard Boomerang, Invertible, Owl be Back, Fighting Snakes, and the Leaping Dolphins!

You can bring BOOMERANGS ARE COMING BACK! to your school, community or organization. The usual cost for the demos are $500, however, I will gladly accept whatever fits your budget with permission to sell boomerangs on the day of the demonstration. I will never say “no” to any organization or school, as long as dates are available. Boomerang making workshops are also availible.


For further information contact Alan Scott Craig
360 Bard St. Fillmore, Ca 93015