Mounting Instructions for Boomerangs:

You can safely mount boomerangs on wood, glass, tile and painted walls by following these simple steps:

1. Tape the provided paper diagram to your wall at the top two corners only.
2. Place “marble size” balls of adhesive putty to backsides of boomerangs where the diagram indicates. Use larger size balls if circle is larger (up to golf ball size if it is a huge boomerang).
3. Gently adhere boomerangs to wall underneath the diagram. Do not press hard until all of the boomerangs line up perfectly. You can still twist and adjust boomerangs slightly before pressing the boomerangs hard against the wall.
4. Remove diagram and file it away for future use.
5. Press boomerangs as hard as you can to wall.
6. You can dust or clean the boomerangs with a sponge and small amount of water.

I have tried many sticky adhesives over the years and I prefer “Ribbon Window Sealer” which can be purchased at your local Auto parts store for approximately $12. It comes on a roll and is sold for replacing car windshields. It is very sticky and strong enough to hold larger pieces yet does not dry out and is removable if you are very careful.

Removal process:

1. SLOWLY twist booms along wall. DO NOT PRY booms away from wall or you may have to patch the plaster that pulls off. Take a full minute to loosen up each boom. Warmer weather will make it easier to loosen since cold air hardens the adhesive.
2. SLOWLY twist and dab the adhesive from booms and wall. Holding a small ball of adhesive in your hand as you twist and dab helps with removal.
3. Remove as much black residue as possible before using cleaner to keep any mess minimal.
4. Use a citrus based cleaner (such as Goo Gone) with paper towels to remove residue. Large quantities of paper towel may be required to quickly pick up dissolving adhesive. This helps from spreading the mess as well as rubbing it into the wall.
5. Touch up wall if needed.

Most of the time I can remove my booms from a wall without any sign of damage left on the wall. However, sometimes the plaster, paper backing or paint is not exceptionally strong and some repair may be needed. I wish there was a perfect system of holding the boomerangs safely while at the same time creating easy removal. However, even hanging a painting requires you to patch, sand and paint holes upon removal. Therefore, my system is somewhat better because there is no need for repair if you are careful. On the bright side, at least the booms are not easy to steal due to the slow removal process.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help!

Alan Craig

(805) 300-7264