This gallery has a collection of unusual custom scenes.

I love when a customer asks me if it’s possible to create a certain subject matter with the Art of Boomerang. Approximately half of my work was inspired by the challenge to create something new. I have on file countless designs and subject matters that I have been working on over the years that may already be a good fit for your home.

My terms are simple: we discuss size, colors, complexity, and number of boomerangs to come up with a price. First, I receive a 25% deposit to get started. Upon completion and customer approval of sketches/drawings I receive an additional 25% deposit. The remaining 50% balance is due upon delivery of the final completed scene. Each new design is signed and dated with the number 1 as the original design. I also go through a great deal of trial and error to test the boomerangs to ensure that they actually return and are reasonably durable and safe. It is my joy to help with installation.

I would love to hear from you to brainstorm the possibilities of something new.

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Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Peace Returns

Peace Returns ~ 1 Boom




Butterflies~ 6 Booms

Edition of 12

chief returns

Chief Returns ~ 3 Booms

Edition of 25

fire flyers

Fire Flyer (various colors/ranks) ~ 1 Boom


Christ Returns ~ 2 Booms

Edition of 100


Giraffes ~ 2 Booms

Edition of 12

great white surfer

Great White Surfer
(hidden shark and teeth) ~ 6 Booms

Edition of 12


Wolf (with hidden profile) ~ 1 Boom


Greyhounds ~ 3 Booms

Edition of 12


(with hidden sharks) ~ 5 Booms


Killer Whales
(with hidden whales) ~ 3 Booms


(with hidden baby) ~ 1 Boom


Mermaid on Starfish ~ 1 Boom

muhamad ali

Muhamad Ali ~ 1 Boom

nesting eagles

Nesting Eagles ~ 11 Booms

Edition of 12


Pelican With Fish ~ 6 Booms

piersons puppeteer

Pierson's Puppeteer (Ringworld sci-fi alien) ~ 6 Booms


Bat ~ 9 Booms

sea serpant

Sea Serpent ~ 1 Boom


Seals With Kelp ~ 5 Booms

Edition of 12

snow snakes

Powder Skiers ~ 5 Booms


Clown ~ 8 Booms

sunny mermaid

Sunny Mermaid ~ 1 Boom

temple of teh jaguar

Temple of the Jaguar ~ 3 Booms

Edition of 12