This gallery is filled with choice flyers for their exceptional performance, safety and durability. These are the boomerangs that my patrons and I throw regularly and I recommend them to anyone looking for a great gift or recreational experience.

They are fun and easy to throw for the beginner and also exceptionally satisfying for the advanced throwers. Flying best in 0-8mph winds, they are designed to be thrown on large grassy fields and have an average flight distance of 30 yards. Recommended for ages 10 years old (with adult supervision) and up. Each distinct design has different flight characteristics that add to the joy of owning a few.

Learning to throw and catch these beautiful boomerangs is easily and joyfully achieved with half an hour of playful practice. It’s a magical and inspirational experience to be able to achieve many happy returns with these unique treasures. So much so that over a short period of time these works of art will become your friends as you begin to realize and trust that you can control their flight paths to make them hover back into your hands.

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Original Koi



Scarlet Macaws


big bagdad dragon

Big Bagdad Dragon


harrier hawk

Levi's Dragon



American Eagle



Owl Be Back


california king cobra

Scarlet King Killing a Diamondback


harrier hawk

Harrier Hawk



African Secretary



Flying Parrot



You Toucan Boomerang



Bear Head (with hidden arrowheads)